About Us

Who & What is Adventure Aid?

Adventure Aid was started by Jon Levy and Janie Thomas.

Jon Levy is a recently retired family practice physician. He and his wife, Janie Thomas, have two passions in their lives: traveling to exotic places and helping people to improve their lives and environment.

On their travels they found that even a small amount of assistance or training in a community could have a large impact. With the collaboration of Bruce Klepinger, the owner of Ibex Expeditions, who has led treks all over the world, and Ben Moseley, President of Dance Notions, Adventure Aid was created to fulfill the goals of living in community, giving assistance and traveling to foreign land.

Misssion Statement: To bring together people who have skills, knowledge and energy with sustainable community programs and projects and offer them a true ecotourism, “green tourism”, experience in the surrounding area.

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