Green Tourism

In a Small Way, Make It Better!

What is”GREEN” tourism?

The term “ecotourism” was coined in the 1980’s to signify a new type of tourism that was more sensitive to the environment. Unfortunately, now this term is more about marketing than substance, making it an essentially meaningless word.

Every time people from different cultures and backgrounds meet, the encounter affects both parties and the environment. One of the goals of “green” tourism is to create a positive interaction and to minimize the negative impact to the local people and their surroundings. One way to do this is to educate the tourists about the cultural differences and to encourage them to act and dress respectfully.

Many “ecotourism” companies pay their guides and staff very little salary with most of the income going to the tour operator. “Green” tourism supports a “living wage” for the guides and staff and also gives a certain percentage of the company’s income to help local communities and their projects. Tourists are encouraged to visit these projects and to make a donation to them. “Green” tourism supports lodges and other facilities that are also supportive of local programs.

“Green” tourism emphasizes “minimal negative impact” on the environment by using bio-diesel or hybrid vehicles whenever possible, clean burning stoves and lanterns and biodegradable or reusable supplies. Green companies carry out all non biodegradable waste materials and recycle / reuse them when possible.