The Concept and FAQs


Adventure Aid, as its name implies, combines volunteering with adventure travel [ecotourism]. Projects are either aid/assistance/ training or research/ scientific types. They are an established aid or research program or requested by a community organization or individual. All Adventure Aid programs have a local coordinator. They are short term [two weeks to three months] and are self sustainable after the aid or assistance is completed. Projects either aid a significant portion of the population and/or improve the environment.

Combining travel and recreation with working and living in a community, and using an individual’s skills and expertise provides a unique experience and an opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment. No one person can change the world but each of us can, in a small way, make it better!


Q. How important is it to know Swahili?

A. Almost all the people you will be working with have a reasonable understanding of English. That said, it would be a good idea to learn several Swahili words. It will make your stay more enjoyable.

Q. Will I have access to the internet?

A. Our local coordinator in Siha has an internet satellite connection and can assist you with your needs.

Q. I’ve been reading about the problems in Kenya and Somalia. How safe is Tanzania?

A. Even though [or maybe because] the population of Tanzania is evenly divided between Christians and Muslims there has been an understanding and tolerance between the two groups. The Siha District is predominately Christian. Being a rural community, it does not have the problems that many urban centers around the world face.

Q. What and where do you recommend that the volunteers get their visas. What if they will be in Tanzania greater than a month’s time? Can we get by with tourist visas instead of a volunteer visa?

A. The visa forms are available here:

(We recommend once you have filled the form, mail all documents to the second address in the site. They are quicker and more efficient.

201 EAST 42ND­ STREET, SUITE 1700,
NEW YORK, NY, 10017)

For shorter duration, tourist visa will be sufficient.

Q. What are the health concerns of the area?

A. There is malaria in Siha but it is much less common than on the coast where it is hotter and more humid. It is recommended that you consult a specialist in overseas immunizations and/or the CDC web site for full, up-to-date recommendations for immunizations, prophylactic medications for malaria and what to take with you in case of diarrhea, etc.

You should also drink only bottled water. For bathing, tap water is fine. There is no problem with the food but you should wash fresh fruit before eating and wash your hands prior to eating. A small bottle of a hand sanitizer is a good item to carry with you since washing is not always easy to do in the countryside and the bush.

There is a high quality hospital in Moshi about a ½ hour away from central Siha. Because you will probably be going on safari or climbing MT. Kilimanjaro it is advisable to have air evacuation insurance. Neither Adventure Aid nor Ibex carry insurance on your behalf. That is your responsibility.