Why Choose Adventure Aid


  1. All AA programs and projects have a long term benefit to helping the community, its people and their environment.
  2. Projects are community initiated and directed.
  3. Adventure Aid is the only NGO to offer a “green” ecotourism option with volunteering overseas.
  4. Most of your expenses, including a portion of your ecotourism are paid with pretax dollars (e.g., the tax-deductibility of the costs means that your trip expenses can be 15% to 30% less than otherwise).
  5. A portion of your expenses will be donated to support the project for which you are volunteering.
  6. By only having to write 2 checks, Adventure Aid makes it easy to have documentation for IRS purposes.
  7. Adventure Aid and Ibex have negotiated the best prices for comparable value for your ecotourism experience.
  8. Each program and ecotourism experience is individually tailored to your interests, skills and time frame.
  9. Accommodations will be in guest cottages and houses that offer you privacy and personal amenities.
  10. The Siha community, with its wonderful people, magnificent scenery and nearby national parks, is an ideal place to volunteer, explore and grow.